Wasted Rock Ranger by Great White Guitar Chords

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Wasted Rock Ranger guitar chords has tempo and included in …Twice Shy (1989) album.
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Wasted Rock Ranger by Great White Guitar Chords

by Great White

This is the B-side to the Once Bitten Twice Shy single that came out many years ago. It has been stuck in
head for some time now. I hope you all get a kick out of it as well. It sounds great on an acoustic.
anyone knows another way to play I would love to hear your suggestions.

Well, I’m a Wasted Rock Ranger, I live a life of danger
On the road to find a higher high

I don’t need no one’s affection, All I need is my injection,
My out of tune Les Paul will get me by

I’ve been doin’ gigs since I was ten and really can’t remember when
I ever had a dollar to my name

My ears are blown, my eyes are red, I’ve got big holes inside my head
From snorting too much crystal and cocaine

I have bennies with the mornin’ toast, Qualudes with the evenin’ roast
Assorted snorts of powder in between

I don’t think a days gone by, That I wasn’t drunk or high
It’s the only way I keep my sanity

From Keggers Den to Hootersville, My flamming dreams have topped the bill
A thousand empty bottles earned my name

Endless dreams of one night stands, Sharing gigs with half-ass bands
And all the local groupies lay the same

Well I coulda’ had a payin’ job, workin’ for some fucked up slob
Wife or family, true security

But I left that shit behind, With all that heavy metal grind
‘Cause Rock & Roll is in my blood to stay (among other things…)

Hey! You’re a Wasted Rock Ranger, You’ll live a life of danger
Sing this song and follow it to the end

And when you reach number one You can overdose for fun
And go and visit Jimi and his friends


Hey! You’re a Wasted Rock Ranger, You’ll live a life of danger
Sing this song and follow it ’till the end

And when we reach number one We’ll all overdose for fun
And we’ll hang out with Jimi and his friends (Yee-Haa)


If you want to study Great White Wasted Rock Ranger guitar chords, The 5 chords we’ll look at are the C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major.
The reason we use all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just lack tiny adjustments.
Each one of those minor chords is fully based on its major counterpart

The more you practice, the easier guitar will feel to play Wasted Rock Ranger. Guitar is tough to study in the beginning, but gets easier the more time you stick with it.

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