Bad Religion by Godsmack Guitar Chords

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Bad Religion guitar chords has tempo and included in Godsmack (1998) album.
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Bad Religion by Godsmack Guitar Chords

My guitar’s tuned down to D standard, but in the style of e,B,G,D,A,E.

Since this song has a “dark” sound, it helps to tune down for effect, plus

it’s easier to play solos and you BREAK A LOT LESS STRINGS. This was

written while playing my Dean “Black Mamba” acoustic with “Black Diamond”

coated strings.

(I hate messing with alternate tunings, . . .keeping it in tune is

hard enough) Played this way, you can play the complete song including the

instumemtal, which I added for you enjoyment!

Intro: If you know the song, just pound out the drum beat on an open E chord! . . . “Get back!”

In between verses play the drum beat by raking muted strings

Can you feel I’m not like you anymore
I can’t see, I can’t breathe
See you quiver like the dogs on the streets
Looking down on as I beat you

It’s a bad religion
From a broken nation
It’s a contradiction

And I can’t take it anymore, Yeah

Repeat the same chords and strum the same beat!

Who’s to say I won’t like you anyway?
Take a deep breath I’m alive
Can you hear me? I’m alive inside you
Agony creeps up behind you

It’s a bad religion
From a broken nation
It’s a contradiction,

And I can’t take it anymore,anymore (repeat chorus with word overlapping

It’s a bad relig-bad religion
From a broken nation, A BROKEN NATION
And it’s contradiction . . . yeah (A string 3,2,0pen,2)
A:(3,2,open3-ring and hold 1 beat,2-r&h,open-r&h
A~7,”with 2-3 open E drones before the notes”5(3 E drones),4,3

repeat the instrumental a few times before kicking into the “coda”

Can you feel it
I’ve gotta live with it every day.
And I can’t take the pressure,
I’m goin’ insane. Now go away
Go away . . . Yeah! (while holding a screamed “yeah” pound
out 16 more powerful drum beat open E chords . . .I counted them!)



If you want to learn Godsmack Bad Religion guitar chords, The 5 chords we’ll look at are the C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major.
The reason we use all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just require tiny adjustments.
Every of those minor chords is quite based on its major counterpart

The more you practice, the easier guitar will feel to play Bad Religion. Guitar is tough to master in the beginning, but gets easier the more time you stick with it.

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