Where can I find cheap factory seconds for project guitars online? 1

I’m looking for places with b-stocks and reclaimed guitar parts for sale online. Wanting to come up with a thorough list of places to get bodies, necks and hardware to build several project electric guitars.

I’m always tinkering with my guitars.  I’m just a hobbyist when it comes to modding a project guitar, so I really don’t want to mess around with my more expensive axes than I have to.  Don’t want to screw up an instrument that is pretty much the way I want it to be.  That is why I paid the big bucks for it in the first place.  But I am always attracted to the challenge of seeing if I can take a really cheap guitar and modify it so that it is as good as one of my pricier guitars.  There is also ways of modding these guitars to get a really unique sound or look that is customized out without a custom price tag.

What I don’t have is access to a big workshop or woodworking luthier tools that I would need to build an instrument from scratch or any way to do any other sort of guitar body or neck modifications.  I can however re-finish a guitar body, no problem.  (A local auto body shop guy I know can do anything with paints and finishes so all I have to do is ask how and what to buy.)  And modding the electronic and upgrading hardware is also no problem.

Now, I already know that warmoth.com happens to be the be all end all for custom guitar bodies and necks, but what I am talking about is dirt cheap, bargain basement stuff.  I want to see how good can make a guitar priced under $100  look, play and sound with less than another $200 bucks for upgrading parts,  pickups, and finish.

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I see lots of guitars advertized at really low prices at places like alibabba.com, but I have no real clue about the quality of components that these instruments have and they usually require buying a large quantity of similar items, so that is not going to do the trick for me.  I only need one guitar at a time.

I also don’t like dealing too much with craigslist or ebay anymore trying to find bargains.  Is just not worth the time to sort sellers out and such.

What I am wondering, however, is this:  Is there places where electric guitar manufacturers or music instrument dealers sell off this type of stock.  The refurbs, the seconds, reclaimed parts from damaged instruments and such.  Fining this info out would be gold.

One of the places I know that has guitars and parts that fit this criteria is rondo music.  They have decent Korean and Chinese manufactured guitars for sale on the site.


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