SX Guitar Prices – One of the Best Deals is SX Electric Guitars 23

sx liquid guitar from rondo musicSX Guitar is one of the best bargain brand electric guitars on the market.  Hands down, they a much higher quality that their prices would suggest.  SX Guitars are undoubtedly one of the best deals when it comes to buying a cheap electric guitar.

Disclosure: This is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Prices, descriptions, and availability are current on publication date. For current pricing, specs and availability visit

They are only available directly from Rondo Music.

SX Strat and Tele Style Electric Guitars

The strat style SX guitars come in two lines, the SX SST and the SX Hawk.  Both have comparable features.  The tele style SX guitar two lines are the SX Furian and SX STL which both have similar features and specs

They are only available directly from Rondo Music.

SX Liquid SJM, SR1 series, and SEG1

The SX Liquid and SJM is one of the coolest guitar designs I have seen in awhile.  The only difference between the two is the headstock. 

The SX SR1 and SEG are two sleek, modern styled electric guitars built for speed. 

They are only available directly from Rondo Music.

SX LP Style Guitars

The SX Callisto, Deimos, and the NGG1 are SX Guitars LP Styled lines.  They are all similar in features and specs, the only major difference is the pointed horn and the Floyd Rose trem. 
The SX KY1 is kind of an oddball, it does have a Wilkenson type trem

Really, all of them are good deals… now I need one of each…  :)

Disclosure: This is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Prices, descriptions, and availability are current on publication date. For current pricing, specs and availability visit


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23 thoughts on “SX Guitar Prices – One of the Best Deals is SX Electric Guitars

  • elnolde

    I bought one in Berlin some years ago. A metallic blue vintage series Strat copy. I changed the electric and put three old PU's from a Squire into it. I have several US-Strats (1966; 1978; 1985; 1994; 2006) and must say that the SX is a damned good instrument. I play this on Stage with an open G-Tuning for some slide songs beside my other Strats. I can recomend this Instrument and it's not standing in the shadow between my old Strats.

  • driver

    Hello, how well do the sx series guitars stay in tune? They are definitely worth the money.

  • Void_of_thought

    Mine stay in tune great, my ‘Deimos’ (spelling wrong above) has die-cast grover tuners. I’ll admit my liquid has upgraded tuners and did when I bought it off someone, so I can’t comment on the other guitars. But overall the materials these guitars are manufactured from are excellent. Setup seems to be hit or miss, so you may have to find some time there.

    I bought my deimos for $130, and also had a Epiphone copy that cost me $329 new….there was NO comparison..the epiphone felt like a toy compared to the SX. I sold the epi..piece of junk when compared. From everything I’ve heard, Kurt at Rondo is really easy to work with, so by chance you get a dud, he’ll likely replace it and cover shipping costs.

  • Pentadactylon

    SX LP style spellig wrong above… is not “Castillo” is CALLISTO…
    If you have not much money, and you like learn electric guitar, SX this is a very good start.
    I´ve a Agile AL 2000 HSBF a very nice guitar, well finished, good woods, and pleasant guitar with aceptable good tone and sound. My next axe is AL 3000 or 3100.

  • Chillepepers123

    im trying to decide between an sx deimos and an agile dauntless they seem to be exactly the same except for the name on the head stock and the agile is $25 more i was wondering why if youcan explain this to me thanks.

  • stickenwithfender

    I just bought a deminos, and the body on one side of the neck is a qourter inch shorter than the other side, leaving a gap between the neck and body on the north side, which makes the g string ring baddly…For such a nice lookin guitar it sure is junk. i think i will keep the neck tho for a sg project (nicest neck i have ever held in my hands) to bad the chianese could not have kept a eye on the router depth.

  • Kyle Nimmo

    Hi Guys,
    I just finished teaching for the day and a guy walked into the shop with an exceptionally nice SX Tele. I do approx 60 lessons a week in Geraldton West Oz and have gigged on and of all my adult life, and I usually would not even consider an SX a REAL guitar.
    Now, I play an 86 Kramer Pacer (Relic with a scalloped Tele neck) a 2002 Fender Strat and a Mexican Tele and I just could not believe that this thing was an SX.
    This guy had fitted all American hardware, pickups (I don’t know what they are) Reshaped the headstock almost like a real Tele, rebadged it with his name Carrier and called it Creatacaster.
    He had dressed all the frets immaculately and has the strings through the body.
    He also fitted a home made 5 ply pickgaurd true to the Tele shape and the whole thing is aged relic style.
    Now not just a quick scratch up, I mean this thing actually looks and feels like my old bandmates 68 Fender Tele.
    No Shit, I was so impressed I walked back into the shop from the carpark and plugged it into a little Ibanez combo and I could not believe it sounded as good as it looked and played perfectly with nice low action.
    This guitar looks weighs, feels, plays and sounds like the real thing.
    It is way better than my stock Mex Tele and better than the last American Teli I owned several years ago.
    I offerd him my Mex for it on the spot but he was not interested but he did say he would sell it for a grand AU.
    All up it has cost him about $500 Au to build but he would have had to put at least a solid weeks work into it over about a month.
    I am seriously interested in buying this guitar and will be advertising my Fender Tele at the college and shop where I teach.
    I never thought I would say it but I think I might buy an SX.
    But as I said to him as we left the shop.
    “That is no longer an SX it is a really nice custom Tele with a very authentic sound and feel”
    I love this particular SX.
    I have just got home and decided to look up SX guitars and find out a bit more about them and stumbled onto this blog.
    I am still in shock and awe over the quality of this particular guitar.
    Sea Ya.
    JIMI FINDRIX (Gero – W. A.)

  • Cliff

    hi kyle….know what you mean. been playing, owning guitars for 30yrs. ive had ibanez artists, les paul copies etc. currently play and own an american strat from 70s and bought recently the fender squier classic vibe custom tele which is beautifully made and plays beautifully. By chance i happened to see in a music store an SX tele vintage series/handmade. its the butterscotch body…maple neck and fingerboard. weird thing is that it costs a quarter of the classic vibe yet looks feels and sounds not much different. frets need to be dressed though as there are a few buzzes here and there…yet its an incredible guitar and never thought i would play one or any so called no name brand. im so impressed that im looking for another sx tele second hand. as you said these are better than a lot of the mex guitars or even the cheap squier fenders.
    cliff S (johannesburg south africa)

  • Anonymous

    SX guitars R AWESOME!  I own 4 of them – each is amazing.  The best part of SX axes R the necks! 

  • Alicia

    I am looking for a decent quality 1/2 size electric guitar for my 3 year old who LOVES guitars. I have found some decent reviews of the SX 1/2 size strat copy. Have any of you played one, and am I better off getting him the SX or an Epiphone PeeWee? (Squire Mini is still too large).

  • rob

    I have a few SX guitars, 2 teles (1 nashville SSS, 1 nat ash body), 2 strats (1 SST LTD2 ash, other w/ P90s), a SEG1, and a SJM62. Personally, I fell in love w/ the SX necks…. better than many name brand necks IMHO. I usually replace the tuners and install a TUSQ nut and dress any offending frets (minimal – btw noticed that fret dressing seems to be improving @ the factory – hardly had to do anything to the latest acquisitions). I replaced some stock pups w/ GFS pups, but over all the P90’s R great stock. w/ the trems set up properly, new tuners and a slippery nut, I have NO tuning problems whatsoever – plays like butter!! Thanks Kurt!!

  • Randy

    Just wanted to say I am a studio musician, been playing pro for over 30 years now. Like all you guy’s, I own a LOT of guitars, mostly from endorsements so I didn’t pay anything for them. This one though cost me $89.00. Can you believe that? $89!!!! It sounds and plays as good, better than guitars that cost thousands! When I hear a record I’m playing on I honestly can’t tell which guitar I’m playing, my Tele or SX. This SX plays, feels, sounds, records great! I can’t say enough about it. When I first got it I had a hard time keeping it in tune. I had my tech put a set of strings on it for me and that’s all it took. Problem solved. I plan on getting a few more SX guitars. I LOVE mine!

  • Morgan Raffe

    I bought a SX Furrian Tele to try out their quality. I was impressed right off the bat at the quality of the neck design, very comfortable.
    I really liked the pick ups, but after owning it for a while I decided to replace the pick ups with a name brand alnico set. I paid as much for the pick ups as I had for the guitar. What a disappointment, the new name brand pick ups were worse by far than the stock pick ups, so I switched them back and sold the name brand pick us on ebay.

    My next SX is a semi hollowbody 335 style guitar SX GG6 CUS BK.
    This guitar is a work of art and I’d never dream of modding anything about it.
    This guitar is stunningly beautiful and plays like a little piece of heaven, can’t say enough about this guitar.

    SX is a serious guitar regardless of the price, I’ve been playing for over 55 years and have owned every kind of guitar, but SX stands alone as the highest quality guitar at the greatest price. You will have to spend 5-10 times as much with other manufactures to get the same quality.

    I’m old and hard to impress, but SX has impressed me to no end, can you tell that I’m a big SX Fan?

  • Jim

    Hi SXers!

    I have owned SX/Agile guitars for the last 10 years and not only are they the best VALUE in the guitar world at all price points but the Rondo Music customer service i.e. honesty, fair dealing are outstanding additional percs.

    I am not an employee etc. of Rondo Music, and have been playing guitars for 40+ years. During that lengthy time I have owned many fine guitars – a Gibson 400; ES-175; Fender 50’s Broadcaster; Fender Strat and Tele; Fender Jaguar; Fender Jazzmaster etc. (many bought when Leo was still alive and running the company) so have some knowledge of guitar quality and value.

    “Kurt” whose family owns Rondo Music is an outstanding businessman who makes customer service his top priority. He believes in what he does and the importance of customer satisfaction. I believe his family still own a “brick and mortar” store in Union, New Jersey, and also have an internet “store” in Claremont, New Hampshire.

    FOR THE MONEY, you could not find a better organization for customer service or products quality-wise than Rondo Music! I know this sounds like I am a cheerleader for the company, but my comments are all true – not just more internet hyperbole.

    Due to the economy and aging I have had to scale down my instrument price points so I began searching for value on the internet – rather than being guided by the name on the peghead. I accidentally hit on the Rondo Music website and viewed their inventory of instruments. The photos were impressive (they always are) so I decided to take a chance and order a Tele clone. I was glad that I did! It played beautifully and not a piece of plywood anywhere in sight!

    If you are interested in excellent customer service and unbeatable value/quality in an instrument you can not do better than Rondo Music! If you want to pay more for a manufacturer’s name on the peg head only you can make that decision. Good luck in your music career – you have picked an instrument (guitar) that will reward you with hours of satisfaction and possibly even some $$$$$!

    Thank you.

  • Ray Gunslinger

    I own an Alder made Les Paul copy, stock it sounded amazing put some seymour duncans in it and it blew my friends epi standard :D

  • Chris L Phillips

    I have been playing semi professionally for over 40 years, mainly rock and blues styles with a bit of country influence.
    I not long ago bought an SX acoustic Resonator, I was very impressed with both the build quality and finish on it. Like all short scale guitars, the higher registers can be a tiny bit off tune but that’s fine when playing with a steel slide as you can compensate easily enough.
    I also own a lovely old 1952 Hofner parlour guitar, the SX is at least as good if not better for country style twanging on the same short scale neck type.
    I have tried a couple of electric SX guitars at my local music shop, but with the collection I already have I’m finding it hard to justify buying yet another guitar to the wife, go figure eh?
    In general I have been very impressed with SX quality and value for money, you can’t go wrong as a beginner, or even as a seasoned player with these guitars.

  • mark m

    just got the furrian tele style double bound.paid 79$before i did anything to it i played it for awhile stock knowing i was changing pups and the rest of the electronics.not bad for the price impressed with the finish and binding.needed a neck adjustment played pretty good noticed the nut was cut wrong on the low e i went to work on it first i routed out the body for a middle pup had all the pups already put a g&l neck & bridge pup in & a fender middle pup.leveled the frets put a tusq nut in now it plays and sounds great.i had all the parts already (pups ,pickgaurd and pots)just bought the nut & new strings.i new for the price it would need work if you like to tinker with guitars for the price you cant go wrong.i will get another 1 thinking about the furrian with ash body with the belly & arm cuts.with a good setup these are decent guitars even with the stock parts

  • phasegap

    Never heard of SX guitars until recently. I normally don’t buy cheap junk, but lately I’ve been hearing good things about these axes. Where are they made and sold? My main concern is will they hold up over time. Lots of these cheapos are great when they’re new, but soon break down like the new girlfriend after a few too many Big Mac’s!!!! I would like to hear from somebody who’s really played the crap out of one for at least five years, without modifying it in any way. Thanx!!!!

  • Chaz

    Stumbled on this SX Tele in a pawn shop, $80 with the case. Compared to the ’64 Tele, ’72 Thinline Tele, a variety of Les Paul’s and Strats I’ve owned, (some still do), this guitar just blows me away! Feels and plays just like my old ’64. For $80 I felt like I stole it, amazing.