My Newest SX Electric Guitar – Liquid Vintage White With Dual Humbuckers 6

Just posted these pics of mymy newest SX  Electric Guitar.

Pretty sweet sounding and responsive guitar. Just wanted to  show how it looks.

Out of the box, this guitar felt really good and sounded better.

With a few minor intonation setup adjustments, it played wonderfully.

Stays in tune reasonably well even through hard playing.

I also cant complain about the price, was only $139 at Rondo Music and shipping was about $20 bucks more.  Got it in 3 days UPS.

Not bad at all :)

Anyways, one pretty good guitar.

Dont be shy, leave a comment.



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6 thoughts on “My Newest SX Electric Guitar – Liquid Vintage White With Dual Humbuckers

  • Online guitar lessons

    Sx guitars are good entry level guitars. Your guitar is budget friendly and I think that everybody should have one like back up guitar. I like their its ups, their are not like those on Les Paul, but they are ok :)

  • Natalia

    Just wanted to know if they would ship to Australia as i would love to get this SX Electric Guitar Liquid???

  • Roland Holtzen

    Not that familiar with SX, but I love how warm and clean your guitar sounds, dude – very close to the original PAF sound! $159, with shipping included, is a good deal on my book. I don’t think I can import a quality guitar that costs only as much as your SX. Good find, dude!

  • Mac Laton

    I love the clean sound it gets as well.  The distortion sounds I get are really vintage sounding as well, sounds like 70s rock …

  • Tim

    I just bought a brand new Liquid in the powder blue finish and I’m blown away by it! I’m a Gibson, Fender, PRS guy and I bought the Liquid with the intention of setting it up as a slide guitar because of the P-90’s. Well, I pulled this thing outta the box, adjusted the neck slightly and intonated it. It plays and sounds fantastic! Not to mention the quality control was perfect. I’m stunned at how nice this guitar is for the money! My friend bought a Sunburst Liquid about 2 months ago and it’s a dud compared to mine. I play it through a Fender Twin with a Rat 2 pedal from the late 80’s and you wouldn’t believe the tone!!! I think I lucked out and got a really nice one.