Extreme Metal Guitarist Voice Gajic – Underground Guitarist of the Day 1

Voice Gajic, Canadian Metal Guitarist, has an incredible dexterity in his hands, allowing him to play some of the most complex rhythm parts I have ever seen. His demonstrations of his electric guitar virtuosity on Youtube landed him a gig as lead guitarist of Sea of Treachery. From his bio:

everyone, Im Voice. I live in the Niagara – Toronto region of Ontario Canada. I am vegetarian, guitar = my life … music – Fast catchy and technical OR mellow with good vocals. I like partying ect. Beer is nice, chicks are dope . Im a honest dude and dont brag about shit. So that sums it up. Im am currently having a custom 7 string being made by a guitar luthier – Mike Sherman. I am very stoked. If your digging me and my channel add me as a friend or feel free to subscribe. Cheers

Now check out his newest vid:

That was just beyond insane…

Anyway, check out his Youtube Channel at:   http://www.youtube.com/user/Voiceguitar and his Myspace page http://www.myspace.com/voicegajic

Just great stuff.

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One thought on “Extreme Metal Guitarist Voice Gajic – Underground Guitarist of the Day

  • tiea

    kita darii the metal extrim .
    saya akann mengadakan di komplek deket THR …..
    jangan lupa datang seruh METALAN EXTRIM.